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15th Mar 2022

Experts reveal how often you should actually wash your hair

And it's good news!

An expert has clarified exactly how often you should wash your hair and the answer might surprise you.

Washing your hair is a mammoth task. It’s one we try to avoid for as long as possible tbh.

Between washing, conditioning, drying and styling, it’s just all too much for us to bother with.

Luckily, experts have revealed you’re only meant to wash your hair twice a week.

There is an old wives tale that dictates we should wash our hair every day BUT the good news is this isn’t strictly necessary.

Experts suggest washing your hair twice and at the most, three times a week because this helps to maintain the texture and shape of your hair.

Justin Anderson, creative director of his own haircare line and celebrity hairstylist, spoke to Byrdie and explained the problem with overwashing.

“Overwashing your hair—which means every day or more—will dry out your hair, not only because you are stripping the hair of its natural oils, but also because you will probably end up using heat on the hair more often as well”.

Not only that, if your hair is coloured, you’ll find that the colour fades a lot quicker if you’re washing it every single day.

Anderson also has a top tip for those with coloured hair and that’s to avoid hot water when washing your locks.


Simply put, hot water opens the cuticles of your hair and can strip the colour, not exactly ideal if you’ve just forked out on a visit to the salon.

Instead, try rinsing your hair in lukewarm to cold water.