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05th Apr 2024

The €5 product that’s helped clear up my worst breakout

Kat O'Connor

Acne is the most difficult thing to treat but I have found an affordable holy grail product

I suffered one of the worst acne breakouts I’ve had in weeks this month and felt so insecure about it.

I introduced a new serum to my skincare routine with the hope of getting beautiful and glowy skin.

However, I didn’t realise the serum contained soybean oil which angered my skin.

Within a day of using the serum, my skin looked angry, red and felt quite painful.

I had broken out around my jaw, my chin, across my mouth, and on my cheeks.

The spots were painful, my confidence was low, and the serum was fit for the bin.

It was such a bad breakout that I didn’t want to leave the house. I felt so insecure, and a little bit embarrassed about how I looked.

I legged it around to my nearest Boots and picked up something that was as cheap as chips with the hope of it clearing up some of the spots.

I knew Sudocrem wasn’t going to help and was hesitant about using other skincare products so I checked the first-aid aisle.

If you grew up in Ireland during the 90s then there’s no doubt your parents used Germoline ointment for cuts after you tumbled off your bike.

I spotted the cream, now called bepanthen cream, and thought I’d give it a whirl.

Four days later my skin is finally clearing up. The redness has eased, there aren’t as many obvious scars and it doesn’t feel half as painful as it did.

The cream was a fiver and it’s become my holy grail skincare product. The high-end beauty products may look pretty in TikTok hauls, but this first-aid cream is my new saviour.