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12th Apr 2024

Doing this when washing your hair can cause bouts of back acne

Christie Kidd is Kendall Jenner's dermatologist.

Cathy Donohue

Is your conditioner causing your back acne?

If your back is breaking out in spots and you have absolutely no idea what’s causing them, it could have something to do with your hair conditioner.

Kendall Jenner’s dermatologist, Dr Christie Kidd, recorded a video for the model’s website and explained how conditioner might be the culprit when it comes to those pesky pimples.

The expert for all things skin-related previously talked about how Kendall Jenner used to have acne and how she treated her skin.

Christie points out that the standard practice when it comes to showering is to apply the conditioner and then allow it to soak into your hair for a couple of minutes.

While waiting for it to work its soft silky magic, this is when we pay attention to the rest of our bodies and the last thing before getting out of the shower is to rinse out the conditioner.

This is where the problem lies because the conditioner can absorb into your skin when it’s on your hair and then your pores get all clogged up, leading to spots.

The easy way around this is to rinse your hair with conditioner before you wash your body, ensuring all the product has been washed out.

Of course, other things can lead to back acne including hormonal and dietary changes but this expert tip is definitely worth a try.