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30th Apr 2024

‘Anne Hathaway’s words on not having life figured out are exactly what I needed to hear’

Kat O'Connor

Even Anne Hathaway struggled in her twenties

I feel like I spent a huge chunk of my teenage years wishing I was in my twenties. Like Jenna Rink in 13 Going on 30, I just wanted to grow up and to have everything figured out, but my younger self didn’t realise that nobody has it all figured out, even celebrities like Anne Hathaway.

The actress attended the premiere for The Idea of You, her newest romantic drama, in New York City on Monday.

During the premiere, Hathaway opened up about how much her life has changed through the decades. We’re all too familiar with the different transitions we face as we get older, but The Princess Diaries star summed up the hectic time that is your twenties too perfectly.

Hearing someone who I’ve admired since I was a teenager admit that even she didn’t know what she was doing in her twenties made me feel somewhat reassured.

Hathaway said she felt so pressured to have everything figured out when she was in her twenties but her life was only starting out then.

“I felt so lost in my twenties”

When we’re in our twenties we act like time is running out but the reality is we’re only at the beginning of our lives. Do we really need to have it all figured out by 22? 24? or even 29?

The actress told Entertainment Tonight: “I certainly am way more comfortable in my skin in my 40s than I was in my 20s. I felt lost in my 20s.

“I felt this pressure to have it all figured out and I thought that because I didn’t know everything about myself, I was somehow doing something wrong, but it turns out, that’s what your life’s for.”

If, like me, you’re also struggling with the intensity that is your twenties then listen to Hathaway’s reassuring words.

So many of us are all making it up as we go along, but Instagram can fool us into thinking we’ve got our shit together, but that isn’t the reality at all. We’re constantly overcoming hurdles, learning new things about ourselves, and developing as people.

That’s something that doesn’t stop once you hit a certain age, especially when you’re a 20-something who is just starting out.

If The Princess of Genovia says things get better then I’m very hopeful about what’s ahead.



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