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05th Apr 2024

Lemon bottle: Does this viral fat dissolving treatment actually work?

Sophie Collins

Lemon bottle

The lemon bottle results on social media seem to good to be true

If you have any kind of social media profile, then you’ve definitely seen content mentioning ‘lemon bottle’ as you scroll.

The fat dissolving treatment is being used as a method of getting rid of any excess fat in your neck.

However, while some of the results seem too good to be true, SISU Clinic has broken down the real advantages and disadvantages of the treatment as it rises in popularity.

Explaining what this treatment is, the experts said: “Lemon Bottle is a fat dissolving agent hailing from Korea. 

“The product is made of Riboflavin, also known as Vitamin B2, Bromelain (an enzyme extract found in the stems of pineapples), and Lecithin, which is found within the body. 

“It converts to choline and is involved in the pathway of producing the neurotransmitter acetylcholine.

“In food, it is found in soy and eggs. Lemon Bottle is marketed as a natural fat dissolver that can be used in any volume, anywhere in the body.”

As for how it works, the lemon Bottle solution is injected into the problem area and it is claimed that the product breaks down fat by a process known as lipolysis.

“It is marketed for use in stubborn fat areas such as the tummy and double chin,” SISU said and “there is no active drug element in the solution; however, the elements in Lemon Bottle can individually be effective in fat metabolism.”

Lemon bottle

The first issue highlighted by the aesthetics experts at SISU is that; “Lemon Bottle has not received US or European approval from governing bodies as it does not fall under drug licensing laws. 

“It contains no active pharmaceutical ingredients, nor does it require a CE mark in Europe as it is classified as a cosmetic product and not a medical device or drug.”

The second issue is that there is almost no scientific research into the Lemon Bottle treatment and it’s effectiveness with fat dissolving.

“There is little or no scientific, peer-reviewed data on Lemon Bottle to validate its efficacy claims, and more importantly, to test its safety profile. 

“There are no clinical trials and no clinical evidence supporting the use of Lemon Bottle as a fat dissolving treatment. 

“The claim that Lemon Bottle has no side effects and no safety issues cannot be substantiated given the lack of data. 

“Personal reviews and testimonials make up the mainstay of the ‘data’, but there is no scientific basis for this, and medical professionals refer to it as ‘anecdotal evidence’ – i.e., it has no solid evidence other than personal opinion.”

Potential risks seen in some patients were:

  • Uneven resutls
  • No results at all
  • Bruising or swelling
  • Infections
  • The death of body tissue 

If you’re considering an injectable treatment of any kind, SISU advises: “Any injectable treatment carries risks such as infection, bleeding, skin changes, and allergic reactions such as anaphylaxis. 

“The lack of long-term data means there is no dataset to show if there are any long-term side effects to the treatment.”