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30th Apr 2024

People shocked after learning how much the average person has sex



‘I’m bring down the average so you guys feel better about yourselves’

Everyone’s sex life is different. Whilst some feel ’empowered’ by sleeping with literally hundreds of people, others are more than happy to go without sex.

There’s no right or wrong answer to what the perfect sex life is.

But whilst there are extremes on both end of the sex life spectrum, what’s the middle point? How much sex is the average person having?

Well, many have been left shocked after finding out.

Revealing magic number, TikToker Daniel Schaal (@thatschaalfolks) said in a video: “The average person has sex 54 times a year or so, looks like the next few days are gonna be pretty crazy for me.”

Just like Daniel, plenty of people seemed to be stunned by how high that number is.

Suggesting they were single-handedly bringing the average down, one person commented: “I’m the reason it’s not 100 time a year lol.”

Another said: “I’m bringing down the average so you guys feel better about yourselves.”

Someone else joked: “Well someone here must be doing it 54 extra times to make up for me.”

So where has this figure come from? Well, according to  the Archives of Sexual Behaviour, a 2017 study found that the average person has sex nearly once a week, which would match up pretty closely the 54 number.

But whilst many of you may think the age of dating apps has led to an rise in how much sex people are having, it turns out the opposite is actually true.

The study found that this was less frequent than in the 1990s, when similar research was carried out.

And although 54 times a year may sound pretty high to some of you, this doesn’t mean people are having sex with loads of partners. A YouGov survey last year found that the average Brit will have four sexual partners in their lifetime.

At the end of the day though, it’s important to remember that there is no ‘ideal’ number of previous partners and no ‘perfect’ amount of sex to have.