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22nd Mar 2024

Ariana Grande swears by this skincare tip for banishing blemishes

Kat O'Connor

Ariana Grande has pretty flawless skin so we’re embracing this tip

Having skin like a Hollywood star is something we can only dream of, but could this tip from Ariana Grande help give our skin that A-lister look?

We know they have access to the priciest products, the best treatments, and the most talented make-up artists.

They don’t look like an everyday gal but we’ll take any skincare advice we can get from them.

One skincare tip Grande swears by is surprisingly affordable and you can pick up the product in your local supermarket.

According to wellness marketplace Fresha, Grande uses coconut oil to help reduce both breakouts and dry skin.

They explained that she uses the product all over her face and body to help prevent dry skin.

It helps combat skin conditions from dermatitis to eczema and can soothe any inflammation on your face.

We touch our faces so much throughout the day and that can spread harmful bacteria into our pores.

Coconut oil works as an antiviral and antifungal barrier to help prevent any unwanted bacteria that could lead to breakouts and imperfections.

Another thing Grande swears by is cleansing her skin every single day.

She makes sure to cleanse her skin in a bid to prevent blemishes and eczema breakouts.

A study from Practical Dermatology demonstrates the positive effects a proper cleanse can have on the skin, including removing harmful bacteria that can cause blemishes and breakouts.

Grande has previously stated that washing her face is just as important as applying products to her skin.

The eternal sunshine singer also makes sure to exfoliate her skin to remove impurities like blackheads and dead skin cells.

If this skincare advice is good enough for Ariana Grande then it’s good enough for us.