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29th Apr 2024

If you’re in search of a girlie Irish podcast then you’ll love this one

Jody Coffey


Here at HER, we don’t gatekeep a good thing

Finding a podcast that keeps me engaged, interested, and coming back for more tends to be a rarity these days.

Every other week, it seems like a new podcast is launching, which makes finding one that checks all my boxes more than impossible.

Not because it’s not out there, but because it can feel like a needle in a haystack kind of situation.

While it’s a saturated space, now and again, one captures and holds my attention, making daily commutes and exercise far more enjoyable.

Not A Single Bother (NASB) emerged in the audio world in 2020 at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic and is still finding her place in the podcasting space.

Hosted by an Irish girl (even more so drawing that she hails from Co Kerry), Aislinn Dowling’s accent immediately became the reassuring, comforting, and hilarious voice in my ear.

The Journalism and New Media graduate’s podcast has quickly risen to the number-one spot in my listening habits for its relatability, gas Irish humour, and range of interesting guests from all corners who come on to chat about their lives, expertise, and experiences.

As you can imagine, launching a podcast is scary. Now more so than ever, given the sheer volume of competitors out there.

So what sets NASB apart? Why is it worth investing your precious time in?

For me, it’s the continuous shake-up of the format, the unexpected but incredible guests, and Aislinn’s absolute fire interviewing skills.

The guests range, so far, has been unexpected and unmatched

To name but a few, purely to prove a point, the podcast has seen the likes of Michael Healy Rae TD, broadcaster Pamela Joyce, the late Lynsey Bennett, and nutritionist Aisling Fox (AOK) all sitting in the hot seat of NASB in its time.

Aislinn, having a journalistic background, is a thorough and well-researched interviewer who holds space for her guests to talk and explain their topics.

If I were to recommend a starting point for a new listener, the NASB episode 38 with AOK Nutrition on Hormones and Fertility would be it.

As women, so much of our understanding of our bodies is a whispered conversation. Not with NASB. Aislinn’s ability to find the sweet spot between educational and interesting is unparalleled, and I learned so much from her personal line of questioning.

However, while her guest list is levelling up all the time, it’s when she invites her friends and family onto the podcast that it gets even more relatable. It’s not just experts or public personas at the top of their game.

I cannot stress enough how heartwarming it is to hear a group of Irish gals sitting around discussing their embarrassing stories, fears, nights out, and so on.

When Aislinn rounds up her friends for her podcast, it’s the morning after the night before, in audio form.

“I think the way we girls feel, like, I feel some days I’m like, ‘I feel like crying today’, or some days I want to have the craic. I feel like that’s the vibe that you get from the podcast,” Aislinn tells

“I could literally be bawling and crying listening to someone’s story, and I’m like, ‘Oh, how are they getting through that?’ Then other days, I just want to have the craic and talk absolute sh*te with my friends and talk about silly stories.

“It’s definitely therapeutic for me too, in that sense.

Much like its host, we have lost so many friends and family to Australia, and, for me, this element of the podcast, bridges that enormous gap.

Human interest stories are at the heart of the podcast

While NASB has had some impressive industry heads over the years, spotlighting cool and interesting everyday people with a story to share is just as important to Aislinn and her co-producer, Kelley O’ Connell, on this season of the podcast.

“I don’t really care if people have a blue tick or loads of followers. That doesn’t really bother me,” Aislinn shares.

“There’s a few people that I’ve followed for years, and I’ve seen them working towards their goals, and they’re very successful — maybe not to the same extent as, like, having like 100,000 followers, but that’s probably not their aim. 

“This is obviously no shade to other podcasts, but you’ll have the same kind of guests going from podcast to podcast, so they’re being interviewed over and over again, and it just gets a bit saturated.

“I like having just normal, everyday people. That’s our niche and our gift to the market.”

The new season of NASB

NASB took a two-year hiatus from the podcast world, admittedly leaving me scrambling for a new weekly podcast (I turned to audiobooks).

However, it’s back with a new look, a new producer in Kelley, and new guests, stories, topics, and content, making now a better time than any to share it with all our lovely readers.

If you love a good human interest story, value sharp interviewing skills, enjoy an Irish accent in your ear, and a girlie discussion, you will love Not A Single Bother.

Don’t believe me?

This season’s first guest is one of the most popular psychic mediums who gives Aislinn and her friends a reading for the podcast — this drops Wednesday, May 1st.

Remember that continuous shake-up and unexpected guests I mentioned before? Told you.

Aislinn and Kelley will drop new episodes of Not A Single Bother every Wednesday on Spotify and Apple Podcasts.