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26th Apr 2024

People in certain jobs are more likely than others to get divorced


If you’ve ever suspected that some jobs could affect your personal life, you might be right.

A new study shows that certain jobs have a higher proportion of divorce than others – at least in the US, where career website Zippia conducted its research.

The team there used data from the Census Bureau to track what kinds of workers were most likely to get a divorce.

They found that enlisted military supervisors were by far the most likely to have failed marriages – 30 percent of those with this job had divorced by the time they were thirty.

After that comes logisticians at 17 percent and mechanics at just under 17 percent.

Another army role – tactical operations and air weapons personnel – was the fourth-highest job on the list, followed by chemical technicians in fifth place and food preparation and service workers in sixth.

So why are military jobs linked with divorce?

Zippia reckons that “the stress caused by active service coupled with the military’s tendency to recruit people who are already vulnerable to emotional or financial instability” could be to blame.

Being apart for long periods of time and the difficulty for army spouses to re-integrate back into family life when they’re home are also part of the problem.

It’s worth noting that this information comes from the US. Divorce rates in Ireland are still a lot lower than in other countries.