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22nd Mar 2024

Celebrity makeup artist has four fool-proof tips for great results every time

Sophie Collins


Celebrity and royal makeup artist, Victoria Penrose, has shared some of her top tips for getting flawless makeup results every time

With a wealth of experience working with A-listers like Courtney Cox and Sophie Ellis Bextor, Penrose offers a glimpse into her world of red carpet makeup artistry.

Penrose emphasises the importance of understanding each person’s preferences and tailoring looks to accentuate their natural beauty. 

For red carpet events, where time is of the essence, efficiency is key. 

With an average of an hour and a half per client, Penrose navigates the challenges of hotel room setups and varying lighting conditions to ensure impeccable results.

When it comes to skincare prep, Penrose prioritises creating a flawless canvas, minimising any potential issues that may arise under the scrutiny of photographers’ lenses. 

For aspiring makeup artists or anyone who just loves their makeup, Penrose has shared her top five tips for perfecting a red carpet look:

“To be really quick. Quicker than you can imagine – because you will always have less time than they say you will have. You need to get used to building the face and blending at a good speed. Once you’ve got the basics on, come back to them and refine it.”

“You should always make sure all your products are matte. You don’t want any shimmer in them as it won’t look good on camera. If you want to add some highlight to give a dewy look, put it in at the last minute afterwards as you can dictate where you want the light to hit the face – instead of having no control over it.” 

“You should also line the lips fully with lip liner before putting any colour on the lip. It’s always good to make sure the client has the same lip product with them, so they can top up later on.” 

“Always make sure to trim fake eyelashes. They should be smaller in the inner corner and get larger towards the end of the lash line.”

“Overall, for red carpet events, less is always more. You don’t need more makeup than normal just because you’re on a red carpet.”