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23rd Apr 2024

What is ‘Ozempic face’ and how does it happen?

Kat O'Connor

Ozempic has taken over Hollywood

Ozempic is the latest trend to take over Hollywood and create concerning beauty standards for the rest of society.

The drug should be used for diabetes patients and not Kardashians, but celebrities have turned this medication into a trend and a must-have.

They’re using it to shed dress sizes in a dramatic fashion and it’s pretty scary how reckless they’re being about it. Everyone is focusing on the dramatic transformations, the smaller stomachs, the thin arms, and snatched faces, but nobody seems to be considering the side effects.

And one of the very obvious side effects is ‘Ozempic face’.

Ozempic face occurs after a person has lost a significant amount of weight in a short space of time. It causes the facial features to become more prominent and often causes a gaunt-like appearance.

The type 2 diabetes medication semaglutide causes skin sagging, as well as premature aging. The face will often look older and more hollow because of the dramatic weight loss.

Side effects Ozempic has on your face

According to Medical News Today, patients may experience the following side effects:

  1. An increased sign of aging, including more wrinkles
  2. A loss of fat in their face which causes skin to loosen and sag
  3. A hollowed-out appearance
  4. lipodystrophy, which affects how the body accumulates and stores fat

Celebrities may have turned Ozempic into a beauty fad but the FDA has not approved the drug for weight loss or chronic weight management.

A study by Diabetes Strong, found that ‘how to get ozempic?’ is the most Googled question about the medication. However, experts have stressed that it should not be used as a quick fix for weight loss.

“Despite the drug being extremely popular on social media because of many influencers and celebrities using it for weight loss, it is important to underline how the medication is studied and made for people with type 2 diabetes. It is not FDA-approved for weight loss or chronic weight management. 

“Ozempic and other medications containing semaglutide should not be taken lightly, as they present a series of side effects that can be severe and cause discomfort.”

The sooner Hollywood stops glamourising Ozempic the better.