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28th Mar 2024

These 2010s hairstyles might be making a comeback

Anna Martin


The 2010s were an era of reinvention for hairstyles

There were bright colours, daring cuts and many, many bleach fails – be it on the internet or in our personal lives. (Yes, I fell victim to an at-home dye job or two).

We’ve already seen a bit of a revival of the ever-iconic side part, now all that’s left is that dip dye that we all had pinned to our Pinterest boards.

In honour of the resurrection of some 2010s hairstyles, here are a few of our favourites from back in the day.

Undercuts and shaved-out sections

Credit: Canva

So many cool girls reached for the clippers during the 2010s to flirt with a buzz cut but some didn’t want to make the full commitment and opted to only leave some of the locks on the bathroom floor.

A shaved side or back could accentuate your hair on top (especially if you’re a curly girlie), make your hair more manageable, and give you a fresh and cool feeling during those hot summer days.

This is one of those trends we would love to see make a comeback in a big way.

Bright dip dyes

Balayage and ombre highlights never really fell out of style, let’s be 100%, but over the years we have just managed to get the technique down and tone out those brassy colours.

What really mades the 2010s era was the use of brightly coloured, high-contrast dyes and let’s be real, they were a vibe.

Remember Kylie Jenner in her King Kylie period where she had the iconic icy blue dip-dyed bob?

If you’re looking for a way to show off your personality, don’t be afraid to bring the trend back in all it’s bold glory.

Bold, blunt bobs

Credit: Canva

We’ve already brought the bob back for 2024 and it’s a look but how can you make it more of a throwback?

That’s pretty easy, just throw a really out-there colour into it.

If you’re looking for some inspiration, turn to Hayley Williams and Rihanna in the early 2010s. They both made a very specific, colourful statement with their hairstyles.

The pouf

This is one we’re not sure should make a comeback in the traditional sense.

The pouf ruled the Jersey Shore and blocked screens in cinemas like no other. A more modern take on the beehive, it was something to behold.

From Snooki’s signature do to Blair Waldorf’s headband looks, a little (or a lot) of volume was expected.

Look we’re not sold on it, but if it makes you happy, tease your hair to the gods.

Creative braids

Credit: Canva

Do you remember getting in trouble for plaiting your friend’s hair in class instead of paying attention to the lesson?

Ah, good times. We definitely wouldn’t be mad if waterfall and fishtail braids came back, they’re one of the more practical hair trends to come out of the 2010s.

Plus wasn’t it just fun to sit in a line with your friends braiding each other’s hair?