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12th Feb 2024

This is how often we should clean the ceramic plates on our straightener

Jody Coffey


Let’s get the facts straight!

During my weekly maintenance of cleaning, my straightener doesn’t even come into my mind, let alone my routine.

However, lately, anytime I use the flat iron, I can’t help but notice a strong smell of burn.

After turning the temperature down, the burning aroma persisted, which led me to question if it needed a clean.

I’ll be real: I have never cleaned my straightener, which made the next piece of information a shock to the system.

According to ghd, we should be cleaning them every three months.

If it’s never dawned on you to clean your straighteners ceramic plates, this is your sign to start.

Given that we can get build-up in our hair from hairspray, oils, and other heavy haircare products, it makes sense that our styling tools would also be at risk of the same.

And with product build-up, comes bacteria, which the ceramic plates hold onto, making straightener maintenance just as important as hair maintenance.

When our straighteners aren’t regularly being cleaned, it runs the risk of damaging our hair.

Credit: Getty

How to clean your straightener

For a quick and easy clean after each use:

  1. Wipe down the ceramic plates with a dry microfibre cloth to remove residue after use.
  2. Allow the styler to cool completely.
  3. Use rubbing alcohol and a cotton pad to cleanse the plates and remove the buildup.
  4. Wipe away any residual rubbing alcohol with a clean and damp microfibre cloth.
  5. Dry with a clean dry microfibre cloth.