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25th Feb 2020

The new ghd Helios hairdryer will give you smooth and shiny hair in a matter of minutes

Rebecca O'Keeffe

ghd Helios hairdryer


For me, drying my hair has always been a bit of an ordeal.

I have been sleeping with wet hair for years, out of sheer laziness.

However, I recently learned that this is madness, and damaging to my hair (thanks for the tip, Dylan Bradshaw!)

So now, I am religiously blowdrying my hair every night when I get out of the shower.

And my tool of choice for the last few weeks has been the shiny new hairdryer from ghd – The Helios.

Where do I even begin with this machine?

It was developed by ghd’s leading UK Research and Development lab in Cambridge, and is lighter and faster for ultra-powerful drying and ultimate styling control.

The lightweight, longer-life brushless motor is designed for speed, creating powerful yet highly concentrated airflow travelling at 120kmh to drastically speed up your styling routine.

Impressive stuff, right?

And I know you’re probably wondering what makes it different to other hairdryers… I’m getting there.

Basically, this baby uses aeroprecis™ technology.

This delivers a concentrated temperature and airflow distribution, giving you more precise control for compelling styling results.

Whether you’re looking for quick, sleek and smooth results or shop-stopping volume, ghd helios puts the power of a salon-blowdry in your hands.

I’m serious, I’ve been using it for about a week, and have been asked by 4 people if I had gotten my hair done.

The advanced ionic technology also allows for reduced frizz and fly-aways (majorly important for moi) for an impeccable finish with smooth & shiny results.

Don’t believe me? Well, you will believe famed hair guru Zoe Irwin, who is a ghd ambassador.

Speaking about her own experience with the new machine, she said:

“The ghd helios hairdryer gives you the perfect flow of air when drying to create a natural fullness, stunning shine and smoothness like no other.”

“It’s my new kit bag essential as it’s so fast and really minimises drying time, therefore limiting damage to your hair.”

The “limiting damage” element here is the biggest draw!

Top tip from the gorgeous humans at ghd? Give your hair a blast of the cool shot button when all is dry, to fix your look in place.

The ghd Helios comes in four divine colour-ways – white, plum, navy and black (I have the black and it’s very slick!)

It currently retails for €169, and comes with a gorge two year warranty.

Honestly, it’s worth investing in your hair!