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09th Feb 2024

‘I tried the Cure Aqua Gel exfoliator and am blown away by the results’

This exfoliator still has me shook - it’s THAT good!!

Sophie Collins


I have told everyone and their ma about this one!

As Editor at Her, I have the pleasure of trialling some gorgeous products, but this Cure product one surprised me so much.

When this little gem arrived on my desk, I saw it’s unassuming packaging and honestly wasn’t expecting anything incredible from this product – I was so wrong.

I still can’t quite wrap my head around how this works so well with little to no chemical scent, but I will absolutely be repurchasing it going forward.

The Cure Aqua Gel recently landed on the Irish market and is a Japanese skincare staple. It’s an exfoliator in the form of a clear gel.

Cure Aqua Gel

According to the brand: “The Cure Aqua Gel is an award-winning exfoliator that is gentle on the skin” – I absolutely agree. 

“It is enriched with 90% activated Hydrogen Water that helps cleanse and soften your skin within 3 minutes” – your face feel so so soft after using it. 

“It removes the outermost layer of dead skin cells to reveal softer and more youthful skin” – it delivers on this claim 100%.

When you apply the product (to dry skin) your outermost layers quite literally … melt off – for want of a better term. Your skin pills and comes away with water and you’re left with soft and exfoliated and glowing skin.

I’ve seen people online using it to remove fake tan, and it looks like it works a charm for this as well – but have yet to trial it out.

It retails for €39.99 and can be purchased in some Irish pharmacies, such as Inish Pharmacy and O’Dwyers online.

If you’re looking for an effective exfoliator that doesn’t leave you with red skin and doesn’t have an abrasive texture, you need to give this a go!