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08th Dec 2023

This is the perfect haircut if you’re equally tempted and terrified of getting a bob

Jody Coffey


This is the best way to ease yourself into a bob!

Getting a bob can be daunting if you’ve had mid-to-long hair all your life.

However, the likes of Hailey Bieber have made this hairstyle more popular than ever this year, and we can see why people are starting to give in.

Luckily, there is a hairstyle that can give us the best of both worlds, which Glamour UK has dubbed ‘The Overcut’, and it can make the journey to a bob less of a shock to the system.


hair cut season girlsss 💇🏾‍♀️ (I got short to long layers with curtain bangs)

♬ original sound – monet mcmichael 🤍

This sleek style ensures that the front and back are maintained in a more connected way to the rest of your hair.

Meanwhile, the tresses that fall around the jaw and shoulders are then cut shorter to give the illusion of a bob – especially when your mid or long layers are tucked into a scarf or jumper, or tucked behind your ears.

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However, the beauty of the ‘Overcut’ is that you can unlock your length at any time by bringing it forward or styling it in a way that showcases you still have long hair.

This versatile cut combines both short and long locks, which means you can get used to how you would look with a full-on bob but also have the comfort of knowing your tresses are still in tack.

Essentially, you’re getting all the perks of having a bob without getting a bob.

@audreyvictoria_ Reply to @lizandraxreyes face framing pieces in the front, layers in the back #haircut #hairtok #hairstyle #longhair #longhairstyle ♬ Mileena wins – Ray ☆

Asking your hairdresser for short face-framing layers at the front, while keeping length in the back, is the best way to achieve this versatile look.

Andy Heasman, International Creative Director at Rush Hait & Beauty tells Glamour UK that this chop ‘is a fantastic style for those looking to reduce weight and volume in their hair but still keep their length’.