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03rd May 2024

The ultimate wedding skincare guide: Expert tips from Dr. Nina Bal

Sophie Collins

wedding skincare

Wedding bells are ringing, and for 2024 brides-to-be, achieving radiant skin is a top priority

Renowned skincare expert Dr. Nina Bal, trusted by celebrities like Vicky Pattinson, shares her exclusive insights to ensure every bride dazzles on her special day.

Early preparation is key and Dr. Bal emphasises the importance of starting your pre-wedding skincare regimen well in advance. “The earlier you start, the better,” she advises. 

So, if your wedding is coming down the line, here is what Dr. Bal recommends for the perfect, glowing skin.

Six months to go

For optimal skincare, establish a consistent AM and PM routine tailored to your needs. 

A skincare consultation eliminates guesswork, providing expert guidance for effective treatments. 

Prioritise active serums like vitamin C for morning application. 

In the evening, incorporate retinol and gradually increasing as needed. 

Broad-spectrum SPF is essential year-round for protection against harmful rays. 

Consider incorporating peels into your regimen to promote exfoliation and reveal radiant skin. 

Aim for 3-6 monthly peels leading up to your wedding, with the final one scheduled two weeks before the big day. 

Three months to go

Hydration is key for achieving a radiant glow. 

So, with three months to go incorporate a serum into your routine that focuses on delivering intense hydration. 

Combat dullness with a good exfoliant that will also minimise hyperpigmentation. 

Consider weekly at-home masks like AlumierMD’s Aqua Infusion Mask for hydrated skin. Ensure thorough cleansing, especially in the evening, to remove impurities and create a clean canvas for serums. 

Maintain overall skin health by addressing lifestyle factors such as sleep, sun exposure, and diet. 

Incorporate stress-reducing ingredients like salicylic acid and retinol to combat oil production and inflammation.

Six weeks to go 

Continue to use something like AlumierMD’s Aqua Infusion Mask, it’s a wedding prep must in my eyes, according to Dr. Bal.

Use it at least once a week in the run up to your wedding, for extra hydration and a fab glow.

Do not try a new product three to four weeks before the big day. 

Stick to exactly what you know works well for your skin. Run for the hills if someone offers you any new product. 

Over the years I’ve heard of many brides who add in a new product and it causes last minute irritation – it’s not worth the stress.

A week to go 

Focus on hydrating ingredients. This will reduce the risk of dry skin, which will change the way your makeup sits on your skin.

The night before

It’s time for one last AlumierMD Aqua Infusion Mask – you can share with your bridal party too!

The big day

Apply one final Eye Rescue Pad pair, the vitamin B3 will instantly boost hydration. This will brighten the under eye area and create a perfect base for makeup application.