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08th May 2024

‘Too many families are at risk of homelessness in Ireland and not enough is being done to help’

Kat O'Connor

Nearly 2,000 households were at risk of becoming homeless in the first quarter of the year

The ongoing homeless crisis is something we’re all too aware of. It’s always in the news, in our day-to-day conversations, and being discussed in the Dáil, but so little is being done to amend this issue.

However, with nearly 2,000 households at risk of homelessness in the first quarter of the year, how can our Government continue to ignore it?

According to the report by Threshold, over 9,300 households reached out to them for support between January and March 2024.

The charity helped over 900 households avoid homelessness this year alone.

But our charities can only do so much to help. The real power is in the Government’s hands and they’re constantly turning their backs on those who need help the most.

They’re not considering the children growing up with no room to call their own.

They’re ignoring the fact that Leaving Cert students are studying for their exams in hotel rooms.

This Government’s failings is putting unwanted stress, heartache, and turmoil on families.

They can’t live the lives they deserve because they’re so focused on not losing the place they call home with others even struggling to find somewhere to sleep at night.

Thousands of families have fallen into rent arrears

According to Threshold, one of the main reasons these families were at risk of homelessness was because of financial difficulties.

The charity explained that 181 households nearly became homeless because of these financial hardships.

Many had fallen into rent arrears, which comes as no surprise when the cost of renting anywhere in Ireland continues to skyrocket.

Both Threshold and Focus Ireland have urged the Government to act before it is too late but our homeless figures are already reaching unbelievable levels.

Ann-Marie O’Reilly, Threshold’s National Advocacy Manager told

“The families Threshold work with who are facing homelessness find themselves in that situation when there are no alternative, secure housing options available to them.  

“Threshold will do everything possible to keep a family in their home but that is not always an option, unfortunately. The tenant-in-situ scheme has been a really positive intervention for those very much at risk of losing their home.

“In the medium to long-term however, the only durable solution is to increase the provision of social and cost-rental housing, to ensure there are secure, and affordable, options available to people.”

“These families can’t experience simple, every day things”

Speaking to, TD Jennifer Whitmore said the Government fails to see the real impact the housing crisis has on families.

“Families in emergency accommodation have to pull their children out of school and move to different parts of the county. Life is just so much more difficult for them. Children don’t get to see their friends anymore because they move to this emergency accommodation.

“These families can’t experience simple, every day things because it is no longer available to them.”

There is a person behind every single number in news reports about the homeless and housing crisis. They’re people we know, people we sit beside on the bus, and those we see on the school run.

They’re people who need a helping hand but their Government has turned its back on them.