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07th May 2024

Is this the secret to Anne Hathaway’s flawless complexion?

Kat O'Connor

Anne Hathaway has been sober for five years

If you’re like me, then you’ll happily watch any film Anne Hathaway is in. She’s the queen of the comfort film, as well as the romantic drama, but her latest project The Idea Of You is one of her best yet.

It isn’t a dramatic Oscar-worthy film, but sometimes all we need is a love story with a little bit of drama thrown in.

In the movie, which is reportedly based on a Harry Styles fanfic, Hathaway plays a mum in her 40s.

She said working on the film was something she wanted to do for herself, especially because she knows herself better at 40 than she did at 20.

The actress explained to Business Insider that representing women in their 40s was incredibly important to her.

“I don’t know why. I have a lot of friends like Solène. I’ve a lot of friends who are looking for love.

“I know a lot of people — not just 40-year-old women — but people who need to recover from a broken heart and accept love.”

“The idea that we could be part of representing someone who has the strength to choose her own heart over the disapproval of the world felt really special to me,” she said.

We learn so much more as we age including how to care for our health and wellbeing.

There is one lifestyle change Hathaway made before she turned 40 and that was giving up alcohol.

Many believe her flawless complexion is down to this lifestyle change, but does giving up alcohol actually help improve your skin?

Can cutting out alcohol clear up my skin?

According to experts, cutting alcohol out of your diet is incredibly beneficial when it comes to your skin.

The main reason your skin clears up when you stop drinking alcohol is because it is more hydrated.

More water is being absorbed rather than wasted so your skin will look plumper and healthier.

It can also help aid conditions like eczema and dandruff.

If you suffer from acne then giving up alcohol can help reduce redness in your face.

You will start to notice an immediate difference in your skin after four weeks and then an even greater difference after eight weeks.

The Priory Group explained that improving your liver function helps to shed excess fat and gives your body a better chance of removing contaminants, converting food nutrients, and storing minerals and vitamins.

This year, Hathaway marked five years of being sober and she has never looked better or healthier.

She told The New York Times: “There are so many other things I identify as milestones. I don’t normally talk about it, but I am over five years sober. That feels like a milestone to me. Forty feels like a gift.”



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