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01st Feb 2023

We’re all getting Hailey Bieber’s new box bob haircut in 2023

Ellen Fitzpatrick

Blunt bob – yes please.

If Hailey Bieber does something, you know we’re going to copy it – and this time it’s her latest haircut.

Let’s be honest, this woman could wear a bin bag and still look incredible – her box bob is definitely set to be the hair trend of the year.

The model debuted her new hair last week on Instagram, shocking fans as she chopped off her luscious long locks that we all thought she’d continue to grow out.

Already making the transition from blonde bombshell to brunette babe over the last two years, Hailey had been growing out years of continuous bleaching.

The 26 year old has now debuted a look nobody expected – and it’s set to be the look we’ll be seeing for the rest of the year.

Blunt box bobs are nothing new, but rather something we simply saw less of. Skimming the edge of your jaw, the box bob gives off the “cool girl” vibe the internet has been craving.

Since Hailey introduced her new look to the world, stylists have been raving over it. But as they encourage clients to get the chop – what exactly is it?

Called a blunt bob in hairdresser terms, the box bob is exactly that. Going into your stylist, you simply ask for a short bob that remains all the one length. Yes, that means no layers, no bangs and no dimension.

With no graduation of any kind and clean cuts, the box bob typically sits on top of the shoulder or at the jawline like Hailey’s does.

So what do you ask the hairdresser for? Laura Fitzpatrick from Hair in Skerries said: “You’d just ask for a bob, all the one length, no layers just really blunt.”

Yes, it really is that easy to get the celeb style.

The thing people love the most about this style is that it gives you the illusion of more volume, especially if you have thin or fine hair.

The box bob creates texture and while the cut itself has no shape cut into it, it still gives the illusion of definition.

The best thing about this haircut is the fact that no matter what face shape you have, this is guaranteed to compliment you. It’s a style that is versatile and structured.

Basically, if you have a longer face, you’ll want to go for a slightly shorter piece in the front. If you have a rounder face, it’s best if you keep it all the one length.

Made to flatter us all, styling this with a simple kink to it is the look Hailey has been going for – but that’s not the only way.

Kristen Bell opts for a wave going through hers while Nina Nesbitt goes for more of a straight approach to her look – and both are just as on-trend as Mrs. Bieber.