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02nd May 2024

Master the perfect wing: Irish brand launches ‘magic’ eyeliner corrector

Sophie Collins


Our days of stressing over winged eyeliner mistakes are over!!

As someone who won’t leave the house without winged eyeliner – I’m often delayed thanks to that one dodgy wing (why is there is always one?).

Trying to remove an opaque black wing to make another attempt at matching them up usually results in having to start over – and it ruins your base too.

So when I came across the latest launch from KASH Beauty on TikTok, I RAN to find it online.

I’ve never bothered with the existing erasers that I’ve seen, assuming they wouldn’t actually work, however, the Irish beauty brand showed the strength of their eraser in a video online and I was immediately sold.

Before I let the video do the talking, here’s everything you need to know about the new release:

This innovative product combines precision, ease of use, and versatility, making it a must-have in every wing enthusiast’s collection.

The Kash Duoflex Liquid Liner is designed to simplify the process of achieving flawless eyeliner looks. 

It has an ultra-sharp precision tip, so it allows you to create sleek and precise lines with ease. 

Whether you’re going for a subtle everyday look or a dramatic cat-eye, the Duoflex Liquid Liner claims to deliver impeccable results every time.

The most exciting part of this new product is its unique eraser feature. It’s made for any of those dreaded moments when your winged eyeliner takes an unexpected turn (literally!). The attached eraser allows you correct any mistakes effortlessly.

On top of this, it’s water proof and enriched with centella and amino acids, meaning that it’s gentle on your eyes. 

Right now, I’m just sharing my excitement over this new product as a winged eyeliner aficionado, but once we have our hands on it we’ll let you know how effective it really is…

The official launch of the product is on May 7th, but you can purchase it on here.

@kashbeauty Magic in a pen ✨ Our NEW DuoFlex Liquid Liner and Eraser pen will change your makeup game! Launching 07/05/24 #KASHBeauty #DuoFlex #NewLaunch ♬ original sound – Kash Beauty