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29th Apr 2024

Children’s summer camps could cost parents up to €1,500 this year


summer camps

Parents have been warned to anticipate high prices when sending children to summer camps during the school holidays

Research has indicated that it will cost up to €1,500 for childcare and summer camps for a family of two primary-school children.

This cost estimate does not include the cost of a family holiday.

The research was conducted by Cork-based financial planning firm Provest, encouraging parents to prepare and plan for the expected financial demands of the summer holidays.

As schools close, many working-parent families will be tasked with finding childcare, camp, and transport to fit their schedules.

While summer camps are normally a popular choice for their fun and educational environments, depending on the number of children in a household, their costs can accumulate quickly.

Olive Walsh, financial adviser at Provest, says the average costs for a family of two primary school-aged children, with two working parents, are now significant.

For a family with one parent working full-time and the other, part-time, she calculated the typical costs, per the Independent.

The average cost of camps is between €70 and €130 per week per child, with many parents signing their children up for more than one camp across the summer holidays.

Ms Walsh says the summer months can be a financially stressful period for working parents and says they should plan accordingly.

“From activity camps to childcare and days out, the costs can quickly add up.

“By anticipating and managing these costs, families can alleviate some of the financial pressures associated with school breaks.”

Will you be sending your children to summer camps this summer or are they now too expensive?