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21st Mar 2018

Corkscrew nails are a thing and we honestly don’t know how to feel

Jade Hayden

Impractical, no?

Nail art has come a long way since those stick on gems you bought in Claire’s for a euro.

Nowadays, you make your fingers look like anything from cupcakes to vaginas to actual Drake – because why wouldn’t you want Canada’s most influential export represented on the ends of your hands?

The world of nail art has recently had another update too… in the form of corkscrew nails, and honestly is anybody surprised that things have come this far?

If you can’t picture what a corkscrew nail would look like, you’re not alone.

And if you’re thinking of a bit of a spiral jutting out from the nail that looks like it would be incredibly impractical for everyone involved, then yeah, you’re pretty much correct.

There they are now.

Being corkscrews. And nails. At the same time.

In fairness now, nail art like this is seriously impressive.

It’s something you, or I, or most people in the country probably couldn’t achieve in a million years so fair play to the gals who actually managed to make it a reality.

The look was recently shared by Kiara Sky Nails, who gave a tutorial on how to achieve the spiralised look using acrylic and a straw.

Impressive, in fairness.

We just can’t imagine spending the day typing away at the office with these lads hanging off our nails, but maybe that’s just us.

The look has since been copied by a lot of other MUAs and Insta users too, and the results (in fairness to them) are class, if not entirely impractical for everyday living.

But sure look, what can you do?