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01st Dec 2023

New report reveals what beauty trends are set to dominate in 2024

Jody Coffey


Can’t hurt to be prepared for trends in 2024!

Over the last year, we have seen many trends come and go.

It was the year of Barbiecore, latte nails, strawberry girl makeup, and wolf cuts, just to name a few.

However, to understand what trends are coming our way in 2024, we must look back on the year gone by at the most popular beauty movements.

The Beauty Pie Trends Report 2024 has predicted that some trends are here to stay, based on the online engagement they have garnered over 2023.

Predicted Nail Trends For 2024

With every season, a new nail trend comes on stream to reflect it.

Based on Google searches, Beauty Pie has forecasted that one of autumn’s nail trends will reign supreme.

Chocolate Milk Nails has seen a Google search increase of 1,350% when compared to six months ago and surpasses the rest of the list by quite a bit.

This is followed by Lavender Chrome Nails, which had a 369% increase over the last number of months.

A sure spring favourite seems to have stood the test of time as it remains popular even in the winter months.

Milk Bath Nails, while looking like a Spring/Summer staple, is still enjoying its moment as the trend has had a 286% surge of Google surges over the last six months.

This one allows you to be as creative as you like, with many opting for floral or vintage designs.

The full list from the report is as follows:

  1. Chocolate Milk Nails +1,350%
  2. Lavender Chrome Nails +369%
  3. Milk Bath Nails +286%
  4. Neon French Tip +189%
  5. Oyster Nails +161%
  6. Nude Chrome Nails +128%
  7. Balletcore Nails +109%
  8. Pistachio Nails +107%
  9. Metallic French Tip +45%
  10. Double French Tip +45%

Hailey Bieber fronted many of 2023’s makeup trends and we expect she will do the same in 2024.

However, it was a makeup trend that Mrs Bieber was not responsible for that has captivated beauty enthusiasts around the world.

Cherry Cola Lips, by a landslide, topped the list, seeing a rise of 2,215% in Google searches in recent times.

This makeup trend is anticipated to stay with us well into the New Year,

@glowwithnorhane Cherry cola lips 🍒🥤 #cherycolalips #liptutorial #makeuptutorial ♬ Cola (Sped Up Version) – sped up nightcore

Espresso Makeup was one of our favourite trends this year for its sultry and moody vibes.

This is a makeup trend that is all about the eyes, and it seems people are watching as searches for the look have jumped up by 678% compared to six months ago.

@zeynepberdibek1 espresso makeup☕️👼🏽 #makyaj #makyajvideoları #makyajperisi #makeup #makeuptutorial #espressomakeup ♬ harleys in hawaii – sped up – 90degrees & eyeroze & Melodyz Town

The full list of predicted makeup trends for 2024 are below:

  1. Cherry Cola Lips +2,215%
  2. Espresso Makeup +678%
  3. Old Money Makeup +149%
  4. Eyebrow Extensions +113%
  5. Toffee Makeup +70%
  6. Concealer Lips +42%
  7. Red Blush +34%
  8. Coral Blush +23%
  9. Honey Lips +18%
  10. Bold Blush +17%

Predicted Hair Trends for 2024

The Scandi Hairline trend has surpassed any other trend this year with 6,748% more searches than it had six months ago.

It comes as no surprise as it promises to be low-maintenance yet delivers effective results.

The likes of Sofia Richie has made this trend go viral and it looks like it isn’t going anywhere.

The next most popular hair trend is the Butterfly Bob and for very good reason.

The cut allows you to keep some length and achieve the low-maintenance face-framing effect that only short hair can deliver.

It’s glam, sophisticated, and cute all at the same time. The BIG butterfly bob CHOP 🦋 #butterflybob #haircut #hair #hairstyle #hairtok #hairtutorial #louisiana #behindthechair ♬ original sound – Emma Hymel

The bob in general seems to have been a fan-favourite this year as Preppy Bob rings in at third place with a 311% jump in searches when compared to six months ago.

It was Hailey Bieber who made this haircut a salon name and saw it imitated in its thousands for its neat, understated, and classic finish.

The full list of predicted hair trends for 2024 are below:

  1. Scandi Hairline +6,748%
  2. Butterfly Bob +467%
  3. Preppy Bob +311%
  4. Vanilla Chai Hair +257%
  5. Latte Hair +204%
  6. Cherry Cola Hair +152%
  7. Low Maintenance Layers +70%
  8. Italian Bob +34%
  9. Hyaluronic Acid Shampoo +32%
  10. Caramel Balayage +31%