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18th Aug 2023

‘Honey lips’ is the latest makeup trend taking over the internet

Another day, another food and drink-inspired beauty trend.

With all the TikTok beauty trends that have emerged this year, it can be a full-time job just trying to stay on trend.

However, the newest one can be achieved from items already in your make-up bags, or, if they’re not, bought for next to nothing.

Pucker up as ‘Honey Lips’ is just as sweet as it sounds.

Perfect for the autumn season ahead, this one falls in line with colours inspired by the latte make-up and nails.

Surprisingly, Hailey Bieber is not responsible for this trend.

Beauty Creator, Eva Larosa, has made ‘Honey Lips’ a term that is bound to be on everyones lips, in every sense of the word.

While this trend probably calls to mind the stickiness and ‘gloopiness’ of actual honey, it couldn’t be further from the reality.

All you’ll need to complete your look with honeyed lips is some gold shimmery eyeshadow and your favourite lipgloss – the juicier the better.
This will result in a glassy, indulgent, bronzed, and dripping gold-like effect for your kisser.
@evalarosaxo this is perfect for summer:sun_with_face: #liphacks #lipsmakeup #makeuptutorial #makeup #honeylips ♬ Billie bossa nova X west coast lostten4ever – ved

While Eva is the brainchild behind this sweetened makeup look, the hashtag #honeylips has gone on to garner close to 3 million views.

Speaking to Glamour, makeup artist, J Guerra, says this trend will bring warmth to any makeup look, “This hack brings a gorgeous, luscious glow that’s almost dripping off of your lips.”

Consider me influenced!