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28th Aug 2023

‘A shortcut to disaster’ – Bellamianta denounces TikTok’s viral tanning trend

There are so many other safe tanning options!

Nasal tanning sprays are among the surging beauty trends of 2023, but for all the wrong reasons.

Users are being urged to avoid this viral trend as the Health Products Regulatory Authority (HPRA) have now issued a statement labelling their use as a ‘significant health risk.’

Linda Stinson, CEO of the Irish tanning brand, Bellamianta, has also backed up the HPRA’s warning and is calling for use of safer options amid reports that grave health concerns are linked to this trend.

The ‘Nasal Tanning Spray’ trend claims to offer an authentic tan with minimal effort, which has understandably drawn in beauty enthusiasts all over social media.

The sprays contain an active ingredient called Melanotan 2, which has been coined as ‘the barbie drug’ due to its tanning and appetite-suppressing effects.

It works by imitating a hormone that tricks the body into producing excess melanin, the pigment that makes our skin darker when exposed to UV light, resulting in that coveted sun-kissed look we all are in search of.

While the results may look desirable, the truth is that this substance is banned in multiple countries, including Ireland, the US, the UK, and Australia due to unease about its safety.

Side effects from using the nasal tanning sprays can include sun hypersensitivity, pigmentation, rapidly accelerated skin ageing, vomiting and diarrhoea, kidney damage and potentially failure, sexual dysfunction, and skin cancer.

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Concerns around the nasal sprays continue to grow as these products have somehow able to avoid all required testing and safety regulations, meaning the full extinct of their long-term health effects and dangers are unknown.

We’ve all heard the saying ‘beauty is pain’ but, I mean, this is just plain dangerous.

HPRA’s director of compliance, Grainne Power, says there is ‘no supporting safety data available for this substance’ and is urging people to consider this fact.

“Melanotan 2 is a dangerous substance that has not been declared safe for human use and is illegal.”

Meanwhile, Bellamianta’s CEO and safe tanning advocate, Stinson, has made her opinion on this proclaimed ‘miracle solution’ very clear.

“Nasal tanning sprays laced with Melanotan 2 are a shortcut to disaster. You can enjoy the confidence of a glow without cutting corners that pose a risk to your health.

“Topically applied tanning products change the colour on the outer layer of your skin, so they don’t sink into your blood stream, and are thoroughly tried and tested. We are certified as Vegan and cruelty free,” she explains. 

Explaining that all of Bellamianta’s tanning products are free from Parabens, Harsh Chemicals, GMO’s, Parfum, Alcohol, Animal derivatives, Petrochemicals, Sulphates and Silicones, she says they are on a mission to provide safe tanning care.

“We have heavily invested in the development of formulas that use natural, skin-loving ingredients to support its overall health.

“Spray tans and gradual tanning lotions aren’t just options for those that want a golden glow – they’re the only choice for those who want to put their safety first.”

Thankfully, many users who were hailing the product for giving them their bronzed glow, have now doubled down and are urging fellow users to avoid the nasal sprays at all costs by bringing awareness to its dangerous side effects.

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So not worth it. I’ll stick to my mitt and bottled tan, thank you very much!