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26th Apr 2024

Woman reveals the dangerous mistake hotel workers are making

Kat O'Connor

Has this ever happened in a hotel you stayed in?

Travelling alone is an extremely dangerous thing for women, even if you’re staying in a well-respected hotel. It could be a five-star spot, but the fear and nervous feeling often never goes away.

One woman has issued a warning to fellow female travellers and it’s something we all need to keep an eye on.

In a viral TikTok video, Darlene explained that there’s one error hotel staff are always making.

@darlene_octavia Thanks @patricejwill … could’ve been completely harmless but I’ve seen enough true crime shows,not to risk it 🥹 #travel #solotravel #hacks #safety #la ♬ original sound – darleneoctavia

She said they should never call out the name of your room when you’re checking in at reception, especially when there are other people around.

“If you check into a hotel and they do this change your room immediately.

“When they’re checking you into a room and especially when you’re on your own as a woman like just traveling on your own. Sometimes when they give you your key they’ll say you’re in room 262 or whatever and then they’ll just give it to you. Get them to change your room.”

The woman explained that she was staying in an inn when the receptionist said her room out loud. A man overheard the room number and then followed her to the room, but she was quick to ask the receptionist to change it after fearing for her safety.

People praised the woman for raising awareness about something so simple, but so important.

One said: “On my last hotel visit the lady told me a number loudly and gave me the card [with] the number of the room written on it and it was a different number.

“Always ask for another key, say it’s for your “partner, husband / brother” especially if you are there by yourself…” another suggested.

“You were so smart! And I am glad the guy changed your room,” another said.