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06th Sep 2023

Want low-maintenance hair? The ‘Scandi Hairline’ trend may be for you

Blondies, this is a public service announcement.

With hair trends continuously popping up across TikTok, keeping ‘on trend’ can be a full-time job and a costly one at that.

This is where the ‘Scandi Hairline’ trend comes in and promises to deliver low-maintenance and effective results, all without constant trips to the salon for its upkeep.

It has been hailed across the video platform as a ‘halo’ for your head for its instant, lived-in glow and how it frames your complexion.

@emmanoodlee One for my blondies to save ???? #scandiblonde #scandinavianhairline #blondehair #faceframe ♬ long way 2 go – ???

The benefits of brightening the baby hairs don’t end there.

Because the Scandi Headline trend involves lightening the finer hairs that line your forehead around two or three shades lighter than the rest of your locks, you can get even longer from your root growth due to the root smudge quality of this hair trend.

The technique will either dye your roots and length a color that is darker than the base or leave them their natural colour to allow the ‘halo’ to brighten up your face and give that radiant sun-bleached and kissed glow.

@joannawindrammua Had to try a Scandinavian Hairline ??? #scandinavianhairline #scandihairline #hairtrend #blondehair ♬ What Dreams Are Made Of – Hilary Duff

This minimalist hair trend is taking TikTok by storm as it’s been seen brightening up the faces and tans on the likes of Swedish influencer Matilda Djerf, as well as Sofia Richie Grainge.

So subtle yet oh so impactful.