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29th Feb 2024

Is it actually wrong to wash my hair every day?

Kat O'Connor

The myth about washing your hair every day has been quashed

Does anyone else ever feel bad for washing their hair every day? It’s a myth that has been around for decades, but is there actually any truth to it?

I’ve always been told that washing your hair every single day is bad. However, it looks like this is just another silly beauty rumours.

According to one expert, washing your hair every day isn’t causing any major harm.

Are you spending a fortune on shampoo, conditioner, and other hair care products? Maybe, but it looks like the only damage this beauty habit is causing is a financial one.

Trichologist, Susie Hammond explained that washing your hair every day isn’t bad for your hair. The beauty of washing your hair every day means you’re keeping your scalp in a healthy condition.

She explained to The Mirror:

“It’s not true that washing your hair too often will dry it out. Your hair is taking hydration from the water and from the atmosphere around it. Don’t forget that your scalp is skin and we’re shedding skin cells all the time.

“The only way of removing those as well as environmental dirt and sweat is to have a really good shampoo.”

Washing your gruaig every day can help your scalp too

Washing your locks every day may be a major effort, but if it’s improving your scalp then it’s worth it.

“All of that dirt is collecting on the scalp and as it’s a lipid-rich humid environment up there we have yeasts that live naturally and healthily on our scalps.”

An unclean scalp may cause dandruff or scalp acne to develop so ensuring “the scalp environment is clear” is key. This can be done by thoroughly shampooing your gruaig regularly.

I’ll no longer feel bad about the never-ending bottles of shampoo slowly gathering in my shower.