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27th Feb 2024

Florence Pugh wore robot eyeliner and we’re obsessed

Anna Martin

florence pugh

Barbie gave us plastic fantastic but Florence Pugh is giving us metallic magic

The actress has never been afraid to take a style risk, she’s buzzed her hair off, bleached it, dyed it pink and even went Oppenheimer orange at one point.

Yet at the New York premiere of Dune: Part Two she pulled off a look that caught all of our attention.

Challenging a FutureFlo look, she wore bold metallic eyeliner paired with a looped ponytail that made her look ready to man her own spacecraft.

Creating the look

Florence’s longtime makeup artist, Alex Babsky, created a futuristic twist on negative-space eyeliner using Mam Eye Jewelry Makeup in Sterling Silver to create thick strokes of silvery chrome.

In other words, it wasn’t a liquid liner or pencil but a chrome material he fixed around the actress’ eye.

He then added an extra-large wing that touched the outer corner of her eyebrow for that sultry robot touch.

Another graphic silver line floated beneath Flo’s lower lashes, while it appears as though her upper lash line was defined by a super-thin stroke of black eyeliner and of course, lashings of black mascara.

With such a dramatic eye look, Alex opted to keep the rest of her makeup simple, completing it with peachy blush and lips.

Get the look

florence pugh silver eyeliner
Credit: Lush

For most of us, designer sterling silver eyeliner jewellery is just a bit too spenny or just not wearable in everyday life, thankfully you can challenge Flo’s look in a more toned-down way.

The easiest way is to get your hands on a highly pigmented silver liner and go to town.

You could try drawing Florence’s exact look or even just swap out your usual jet-black wing for one in silver.

Lush has a highly pigmented option, Sucess eyeliner in the shade Your Silver Lining for €24.

XX Revolution MagnetiXX Duo Chrome Eyeliner florence pugh
Credit: XX Revolution

With a soothing base of organic jojoba and aloe vera gel, it should be gentle on the delicate skin of your eye.

Or if you want something just a bit more budget-friendly, get your hands on XX Revolution MagnetiXX Duo Chrome Eyeliner for €12.

Just remember, if you think you can’t wear it, Florence Pugh would want you to.