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28th Feb 2024

Having one lazy day per week is actually good for your health

Kat O'Connor

This is your sign to have a lazy day

Scientists have discovered that having a lazy day is actually good for your health, so get ready to binge-watch a new Netflix series and lounge around in your tracksuit all day.

As if we ever needed an excuse to embrace our lazy girl era…

Being ‘lazy’ may be frowned upon but it’s actually so important to rest and take time out from the hustle and bustle of life.

We spend so much time rushing around and working non-stop, but taking a breather can help both your mental and physical health.

We can often beat ourselves up for taking time out and being ‘lazy’ but it’s actually so important to shake off those guilty feelings.

The era of being busy needs to be abandoned and we need to embrace the quieter days.

People need to start scheduling lazy days

A study revealed that lazy days should be scheduled for your own well-being.

The study, conducted by Yale University, encouraged people to schedule downtime into their week. This could be a catch-up with your friend at your local cafe or a day of rewatching Gilmore Girls. What matters most is you’re taking time to unwind rather than rushing down.

The study stated: “Whether it’s having a cup of coffee with a friend, sitting still in a quiet session of meditation, or working on a long-neglected art project, be sure to schedule your relaxation times.

“They are every bit as important as the other to-do’s on your weekly calendar. View them as appointments that you won’t cancel unless an emergency arises,” the team explained.

Being busy and having a full calendar is a total joy, but you can’t run on an empty battery either. Introducing a couple of lazy days into your month will give you time to reset before the next social occasion.

If anyone needs me I’ll be watching old episodes of Gossip Girl.