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25th Apr 2018

The new type of haircut thick-haired gals NEED to know about

If you have thick hair, you’ll know exactly where I’m going with this and if you don’t have thick hair then you’ll probably think it’s a bit mad to devote an article to it.

Thick hair can be extremely difficult to manage and it’s difficult to explain to anyone who’s not familiar with it.

It gets very tangly, things get way out of hand when you try to attempt a cute topknot and the number of hair grips needed to keep an upstyle in place…I won’t even go there.

Anyway, the above might explain why I got more than a little excited when I heard that one hair guru in the know is commandeering a new type of cut – say hello to the ‘turbo trim’.

As explained by celebrity stylist Adam Reed over on Byrdie, the turbo trim involves using clippers to cut the hair and in his opinion, it’s the best way to give thick locks “structure” without adding in layers.

I’ve previously experienced what it’s like when too many layers are cut into thick hair and let’s just say I wouldn’t wish the ‘mullet effect’ on anyone.

Anyway, the clippers (I’m aware they sound a bit scary but with thick hair, you’ll try anything) are used to give “blunt, neat ends” which is pretty difficult achieve if your hair is of the unruly variety.

To avoid tangles, it’s essential that the hair cuticles lie flat so this is why Reed runs the clippers up the hair strands, instead of just snipping dead hair at the ends.

He also recommends co-cleansers and of course, it stands to reason that Percy & Reed’s Perfectly Perfecting Wonder Cleanse & Nourish Cleansing Conditioner (€24) is top of his list.

There’s one thing to remember though if you’re on the search for a clipper cut, or turbo trim – make sure you find an experienced stylist.

Adam has seen his fair share of hair mares with some stylists taking “chunks out of hair and he emphasises that these trims “need to be done delicately, gently and with precision”.