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06th Feb 2022

6 lip products from Irish brands to give a go this spring

Sarah McKenna Barry

From lip kits to lipsticks, the Irish beauty market has plenty to offer.

When it comes to high quality lip products, Irish beauty brands know how to deliver. From glosses to lipsticks to liner, there is no shortage of goodies to select from, and with spring just around the corner, it might be time to freshen up your collection.

With that being said here are six lip products from Irish brands that we cannot wait to give a go in the coming months.

1. Sara Lip Kit – AYU Cosmetics


This gorgeous bright red kit features a long-wearing lip liner with a creamy texture, an ultra-pigmented lipstick and a rich gloss for super plumped lips.

2. Dawn Lipstick – KASH Beauty


If you’re after soft, rosy lips this spring, then this silky lipstick from KASH Beauty is the one for you. As well as being pigmented, it’s also buildable, and you can pair it with a lip-liner of your choice for full, plump lips.

3. Free Speech Lip Tint – Carter Beauty


For those seeking a wet look, a lip tint is often your best bet, and with 20 colour options to choose form, Carter Beauty has you sorted. Pictured here is Adele, a cool nude with pink hues.

4. Birthday Suit Lip Pigment – SOSU


This neutral pink pigment will leave you with full coverage, high shine and a nice creamy finish – ideal for creating full, luscious lips.

5. Lip Gloss Dubai – UP Cosmetics


This peachy gloss from UP will not only leave your lips looking fresh and plump – it will hydrate them as well, as it’s made with jojoba oil and shea butter.

6. Beauty Balm – Sculpted by Aimee


Even though we may be entering a new season, the chill of winter has yet to leave us, so keeping our lips healthy remains important. This beauty balm from Aimee Connolly’s collection is ideal for locking in moisture without leaving you with a greasy feel.