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26th Mar 2022

Honey red is the super fresh hair colour trend you’re about to see everywhere

honey red hair colour

Kendall Jenner is already a fan.

As is Barbie Ferreira.

We are talking about honey strawberry red – this season’s hottest (and dare we day greatest ever) take on red hair.

According to beauty website Byrdie, unlike the auburn shade that was rising in popularity this winter, honey red is a tad blonder, while still being warm, bright and seriously perfect for the sunny days of spring and summer.


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Et innlegg delt av barbie ferreira (@barbieferreira)

Ready to spice things up?

And never ones to be late to the table, celebrities are flocking to their stylists for their take on the trend.

The best bit?  The golden-red hue—which is essentially a fiery shade mixed with some lighter tones or a warm gloss—can work on pretty much every skin tone and hair texture, and according to stylists won’t be quite as high-maintenance as other, blonder styles.

Kendall Jenner is always on-trend, and back during Milan Fashion Week in February, the supermodel was already rocking honey strawberry locks – and fans were quick to notice – and copy her looks.


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And both Zendaya and fellow Euphoria actress Sydney Sweeney have been spotted with honey strawberry hued hair over the past few weeks, proving once more that this is the hottest shade to rock this season.