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22nd Oct 2018

People can’t get over what this ‘double lashes’ beauty trend effect looks like

double lashes

Double lashes.

You’d presume they’d just look a bit like an intense lash – bit thick, bit much, not all that different to a regular lash.

If that’s what you’re thinking, you’d be wrong.

Have you ever put a set of lashes on badly, had one accidentally fall down your face, and not noticed it for a very long time?

No? Us neither, definitely not.

On the off-chance that you have, however, you might have accidentally ended up with this ‘double lash’ effect without even knowing it.

Except it probably didn’t look anything like this.

Intense, right?

This double lash look was created by MUA Alexa Link who’s been doing a 1000 days of makeup challenge.

This is her 643rd look and we have to say, even if you’re not at all into this, it’s still very impressive.

The double lash effect was achieved by putting some lashes on as normal, and then positioning some more lashes a few centimetres or so above and below the eye.


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Slightly impractical for the club maybe, but still nice enough to look at.

Alexa’s followers definitely agree too.

“I just choked, this is perfect,” said one person.

“Yas,” said another.

One person even pointed out that adding the extra set of lashes would make it even harder to see the haters, which is fair enough, and probably quite accurate.

Some of Alexa’s other looks for her 1000 days of makeup included this stunning corrupt shadow effect.

This radioactive clown…

And this stunning golden eye.

All are of course fabulous, but probably not as weird and wonderful as the double lash we’ve become so intrigued by.

We’re just glad it isn’t another eyebrow trend, to be honest.

All images via Alexa Link.