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19th Jan 2024

You should avoid products described as ‘botox in a bottle’ according to renowned Dermatologist

Sophie Collins


The only thing that is going to give you a frozen, wrinkle-free effect… is actual Botox.

Thanks to social media, we’re constantly being inundated with skincare promises and hacks from brands and experts that claim to know the secrets to a wrinkle-free complexion without botox.

Lately, there is one claim in particular that seems to be flooding headlines; the term ‘Botox in a bottle’.

It has become a buzzword, capturing the attention of beauty enthusiasts across the globe seeking a fountain of youth in a jar that isn’t going to cost as much as botox.

Dr. Adel, a renowned dermatologist on TikTok with over 1.4 million followers, has been quick to dispel this skincare myth, labelling it as one of her biggest “skincare icks”.

According to Dr. Adel, the moment a product claims to be ‘Botox in a bottle,’ it raises an immediate red flag.

In a short video posted to her social media, she clarifies that while Botox does indeed come in a bottle, it’s a potent toxin injected into muscles to induce relaxation – a far cry from what topical skincare products can achieve.

“Botox comes in a bottle, but it’s literally a toxin that’s injected into your muscles causing them to relax,” Dr. Adel emphasizes.


The core misconception lies in the attempt to replicate the freezing effects of Botox through skincare products, but Dr. Adel stresses that there is no skincare line can recreate the muscle-relaxing results of Botox injections.

Her expert insight challenges the industry trend of labelling various serums and creams as ‘Botox alternatives’.

She urges consumers to have good judgement when purchasing these products and she emphasises that there’s no magic potion that mimics the effects of the injectable.

The reality is that skin care focuses on improving skin health and texture, not on replicating the muscle-freezing properties of a cosmetic procedure.

So, the next time you encounter a product claiming to be ‘Botox in a bottle,’ remember Dr. Adel’s words: “There is literally no skincare product that you can apply to your skin that’s going to give you exactly that same effect, so stop calling it Botox in a bottle.”

A brand’s priority should be focused on making sure customers understand what they are buying, rather than sensationalising a product, so that we can embrace products for what they truly offer – a path to healthier, radiant skin. The ‘botox in a bottle’ gets me everytime 😩 #dermatologist #dermatologydoctor #skintok #skincareroutine #skincareproducts #botox #pores #skincareicks #skincare2023 #foryou #fyp #fypシ ♬ original sound – Dr Adel | Dermatology Doctor