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21st Apr 2018

This New York bride thought of a unique way to dress her bridesmaids

We can definitely see this catching on!

Cathy Donohue

The BEST idea.

Annabelle Caufman Soudavar and Maximilian Moehlmann’s nuptials featured in Vogue, and two years on, their wedding photos are still getting attention.

While Annabelle’s tailored lace dress, a Carolina Herrera piece no less, was just breathtaking, the bridesmaid dresses were fabulous too.

dream come true ♡ #maxibelle

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Annabelle decided that rather than choose one colour palette for her bridal party, a floral theme where the ladies chose their own dresses was the way to go.

Chatting to the style bible, Annabelle explained where the inspiration for this very cool idea came from:

“I had asked that they all select their own dresses with the direction that they should be pale, romantic, and floral.

“I wanted everyone’s individual style to come through, and for my friends to feel beautiful and like themselves”.

In keeping with the chic, relaxed vibe of the summer wedding which was held in East Hampton, New York back in 2016, Annabelle and her gal pals wore fun, fringed espadrilles.

Have a look at the dresses in detail below and as you may have noticed this is one wedding trend that’s starting to crop up on social media.

The before:

The Lineup #maxibelle #bellesbabes

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The after:

my beauties ? #maxibelle

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We adore this Alice and Olivia design:

They did it! ?? @thenameisbelle @sirmaxi love you so much #maxibelle

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Lemon love:

Sergeant Hannah Hacksaw #ThePineapplePolice #Maxibelle

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