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07th Oct 2023

Stealing your partner’s hoodie is actually good for you, science says

Are you one of those people who literally lives in their partner’s hoodie?

Well, lads, we have GREAT news!

Researchers at the University of British Columbia have found that you can reduce your stress levels by smelling your partner’s clothes.

The smell of the person you love can help to ease anxiety and stress.

Speaking to The Guardian, psychotherapist and psychologist Peter Klein said:

“Research suggests women have a better-developed sense of smell and men are more visually stimulated, so men would be more likely to experience stress reduction through seeing their partner’s clothing.”

“How close a woman feels towards her male partner – how much oxytocin she experiences when she’s with them or how happy she is in the relationship – will also affect how comforting she finds smelling the clothing.”

The study also highlighted the fact that smelling a stranger could enhance stress:

“From a young age, humans fear strangers, especially strange males, so it is possible that a strange male scent triggers the ‘fight or flight’ response that leads to elevated cortisol.”

“This could happen without us being fully aware of it.”