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23rd Feb 2024

Cowboy and Crocs: Celebrity stylist Luke Day on fashion trends and how AI is changing the industry

Jody Coffey

Luke Day

Luke Day, all day, every day

This week, had the pleasure of sitting down with renowned celebrity stylist Luke Day.

The fashion mogul has made huge strides in the industry, styling some of the biggest names in the world, such as Lil Naas X, Robbie Williams, Jody Comer, and Timothée Chalamet, just to name a few.

Luke has also styled some of our very own high-profile celebrities, including Paul Mescal, Jamie Dornan, and Westlife.

Throughout his career, he served as Fashion Editor of Arena Homme+, Fashion Director of Attitude magazine, and Editor of GQ Style.

Industry leaders such as Luke are constantly coming up with new ways to stay inspired, get ahead of the curve, capture moments in trends, and revolutionise the landscape.

Take That Circus Tour

Luke’s career has been full of momentous milestones, ones that have inspired others and garnered deserved attention.

From working on fashion shows to adding his personal touch to fashion shoots and tours, one moment stands out for the stylist.

“The first time I ever did like a really big tour in the stadium and seeing something on such a mass scale.

“I did this big, massive tour with Take That, the Circus Tour, and it was like a huge robotic elephant. It was very theatrical, and we had loads of designers involved. So seeing something in the stadium and you see people responding to something in real life.”

‘Take That’ perform onstage for their ‘Circus’ tour held at Wembley Stadium on July 1, 2009 in London, England. Credit: Getty

Crocs and Cowboy

After just one scroll through Luke’s aesthetically gorgeous Instagram feed, you’ll learn quickly that he has always loved leaning into fashion inspired by the wild and wonderful West.

Cowboy fashion, as we know, is back in a big way, putting the stylist miles ahead of the trend, though he didn’t expect it.

“I wasn’t expecting Cowboy to come back so quickly, but I feel that with Pharrell William’s in the Louis Vuitton show and then Beyoncé, it’s like, ‘Okay, great. We’re back here already.

“I have the word ‘Cowboy’ tattooed on me. I always wear a cowboy hat, but I stopped wearing one because everyone’s wearing them now, so I’m now like, ‘We’re good again’.”

As a stylist, Luke believes there is room for everything and that no item of clothing should be off-limits or feared.

It’s all about being open to experimenting and exploring fashion.

He uses the Croc as an example, saying that several years ago, the shoe would not have been something he could ‘get down with’.

Now, he has a completely different take on the footwear: “I think a Croc is really flattering on a man’s leg. It’s actually quite sexy.”

How is AI changing the fashion industry?

At the Samsung Galaxy S24 launch event, the celebrity stylist was keen to share some of the exciting new ways AI enhances his career.

For a stylist, sourcing vintage clothing, using mood boards, and coordinating colour palettes and props are just a dip in the ocean of duties they fulfil every day.

A search for a particular item of clothing may have taken Luke hours before, but this new technology whittles the task down to just minutes.

The Samsung Galaxy S24’s Circle to Search feature has revolutionised the way people source clothing.

Circle to Search with Google enables users to simply circle any image or text within any screen view and receive search results immediately.

For example, if you are scrolling through your feed and see someone wearing a top you like, you can circle the top and receive search results for identical and related items. 

Credit: Teneo

“As an example, one of the musicians I work with sent me a jacket, being like ‘I’ve seen this jacket, but I think it’s from an old season. Can you find it for me?'” Luke explains.

“And usually that would have been like typing it in going like ‘pink padded, puffer jacket’

“I searched [used Circle To Search] this morning and found it over on sale on like some random site somewhere. It happened like that [snaps fingers].

He adds that being inspired can happen in a flash, and this feature allows him to immediately get to work without any delay or barriers, without removing the excitement of a vintage search.

Barry Keoghan

Given that Luke has styled some of our most famous names, we had to ask his thoughts about the man of the moment, Barry Keoghan. The actor’s latest W Magazine shoot has everyone talking and even Luke admitted he was impressed.

The reaction online to the Irish actor’s risque and bold shoot has been mounting with millions of social media users captivated by his ability to venture outside the norm.

The stylist praised Keoghan for stepping outside of his comfort zone.

He said, “I think it’s really cool and I love that he’s willing to go there. He’s willing to be experimental and bold with his style.

Luke continued, “I feel like he could so easily just be like, I’m just gonna go really classic and be like a leading man and he’s like ‘No, it give me all of it’, you know?”