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05th Mar 2024

Bra Education: A bra fitting is important no matter what size boobs you have

Jody Coffey


Bra education is important for all ages and chest sizes

I have always had a small bra size, no matter how much I willed it to be bigger in my late teens and early 20s.

Because of this fact, I assumed and made peace with the fact that I likely slotted into the A category of bra sizes without ever getting a second opinion.

30A, 32A, 34A, 36A — the numbers meant nothing to me; as long as I saw the letter ‘A’, I grabbed whatever bra was available.

Now in my early 30s and comfortable in my skin, I found myself questioning my bra’s comfort and support.

I had always assumed that because of my smaller boob size, I did not need a bra fitting

‘What is there to measure?‘I already know what it’s going to be,’ ‘I’d be wasting their time,’ ‘Bra fittings are only for fuller cup sizes’, I would ask and then convince myself.

Looking in the mirror at my bra, which seemed too loose at the cup and too tight around the torso, I pushed past the thoughts and went in search of some information.

Marks & Spencer (M&S) was my first and last stop on the hunt for some bra education.

During my appointment, I wasn’t looked up and down for leaving this necessity until my 30s, nor was it an awkward scenario of standing naked from the waist up as someone measured your chest.

Credit: M&S

I was surprised at how little bra knowledge I had but more surprised at the difference wearing the right bra made

After leaving my appointment and putting on my new purchase, I couldn’t quite believe the improvement in my posture.

I hadn’t realised the lack of support I had been walking around with for years.

Everything felt lighter.

It was when I wore a t-shirt that I noticed the difference the right bra made aesthetically; there were no more visible cups or back straps on show.

What happens at a bra fitting?

One of the biggest misconceptions about the service is that you need to fully undress for your bra fitting appointment.

This is not true.

M&S has a dedicated member of BraFitTM experts on hand to take you to a private changing room where they measure your size, in my case, with your current bra on.

After getting your approximate size, they’ll head out to the store and handpick some bra choices from various ranges and shapes for you to try on in private.

Once you’re happy, you can head out and purchase it, making the whole process a one-stop shop.

M&S has options from first bras through to bralettes, nursing, post-surgery, and sports bras in an inclusive size range (A-K).

How often should you change your bra?

Liz, a bra fitter at M&S on Grafton Street, Dublin, says we should be changing our bras every six to nine months if worn regularly.

This is to make sure we are always getting the most comfortability and support from our bras.

Credit: M&S

How often should we get a bra fitting?

Liz recommends that fittings should be every six to twelve months.

“Like the rest of your body, your bra size can fluctuate with weight and hormonal changes, so it is important to have regular fittings,” she explains. 

“Our bodies change all the time so it’s important to embrace change.”

Signs you’re wearing the wrong size bra

There are several tell-tale signs I wish I’d known earlier to indicate I was wearing the wrong size.

These include:

  • Spilling out over the cups: Choose a larger cup size. If you’re spilling out at the front and under the arms, you might need to go up in cup sizes.
  • Straps digging in: Support should come from your bra’s underband, not the straps. Loosen the straps and then see if the underband feels too loose or too tight.
  • Your boob escapes from the bottom of the cup: You need a bigger cup size and possibly a smaller underband.
  • Uncomfortable front underwiring: Wiring should always sit flat between your boobs, if it doesn’t, you need to increase your cup size.
  • Bra rising up at the back: If the bra is less than a year old, you need a smaller back size. If it’s older, the elastic might have gone, so it will need replacing.
  • Wiring digging in at the side: You need a bigger cup size and a smaller underband size.

Our bra is one of the first things we put on in the morning and one of the last things we take off at night, so it’s important to ensure the perfect fit.

You can book your bra fitting at M&S here.