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12th Apr 2024

Bride and groom come under fire for inviting ‘B’ list guests to watch wedding over Zoom



Justice for the guests who were put on the ‘B squad’

When planning a wedding, there are many factors to consider when deciding who gets to be a guest on the big day.

While the decision is purely down to the bride and groom, one couple made a controversial decision to include everyone, just not in the traditional sense.

A pair of newlyweds have come under fire after they split their guests into two groups, with each getting invites to two different versions of their wedding.

They opted to keep their wedding day rather small, except when they went to make the cuts, they decided to invite one group in person and the other to watch a recording of the ceremony via Zoom a week later.

One wedding guest branded their friend’s treatment of their guests as ‘tacky’.

They took to a thread called ‘wedding shaming‘ on Reddit to air their grievances.

They explained that they were close to one of the newlyweds before they moved, so they didn’t take any issue with not getting an invitation to any of it.

Instead, their issue lay with the idea that the newlyweds would make it so apparent that they weren’t invited to the actual event.

“Totally cool, I’m not here to get mad at not being invited to the nuptials, having a close knit ceremony is everyone’s prerogative!” they wrote.

“However, a larger group of us got an invitation to watch a recording of the ceremony with the bride and groom on a zoom meeting a week later.

“In my mind, this is so tacky. Who wants to attend a zoom session and watch a ceremony that already happened with the rest of the B squad and not even get rewarded with a party after?

“I like her but imo [in my opinion], if you want a small wedding, that’s what you get.”

If there was an option to live stream on the day for guests who couldn’t attend wasn’t specified.

Other Reddit users took the side of the wedding guest, with some sharing that they have experienced a similar situation.

“I was B-listed once (ten years ago) and I still haven’t forgotten about it, or looked at the bride the same way again, lol,” one wrote.

“Is this a thing now? This is crazy. They had their day and they picked the people they wanted to be a part of it. It is the equivalent of friends going on vacation and making you look at hundreds of theor [their] pictures when they get back,” one user compared.

“The want gifts from you. That’s what this is. A gift grab,” another guessed.

“Zoom her a video of the gift you would have brought to the reception,” a third joked.