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11th Mar 2024

Emily Blunt’s stylist explains her ‘off the shoulder’ Oscars dress amid confusion from viewers

Jody Coffey

Emily Blunt at the Oscars

Emily’s dress gave ‘off the shoulder’ a whole new meaning

The red carpet looks at the Oscars did not disappoint this year.

The Annual Academy Awards are always met with major anticipation to see who will who will push the boundaries of fashion.

Emily Blunt, for one, wore a gown that looked as though it was being held up by invisible hands.

Credit: Getty

The Oscar-nominated actress wore a beaded champagne Schiaparelli gown, complete with a floating shoulder straps and an embellished midsection boxer outline.

This gorgeous gown captured the attention of Oscars viewers for the wrong reason, as fans have expressed their confusion about the shoulders.

Some argued that it made Blunt look ‘boxy’, while others said it made it look as though the dress was for too long for her.

Stylist, Jessica Paster told Vanity Fair that the final gown decision was made after a last try-on on the morning of the awards, where there were three dresses to pick from.

“I think when you decide what you want to wear, I think something happens,” she told the outlet.

“It depends on your mood. One was colourful, one was diaphanous, one was white, and there was this little girl.”

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Paster has worked with Blunt for more than 18 years, which played a role in the fashion move.

“Sometimes we don’t play it safe. At this point of years of being with Emily, we can go have fun with fashion.

“Did I know that people were going to talk about the shoulder? Absolutely. Do I care what anybody else has to say? Absolutely not.

“Me? I think that people that know fashion, like fashion, like things that are interesting, were going to like it and I know the people that like some things that are very classic were not going to like it.

“At the end of the day, she looked absolutely beautiful. It was such a beautiful dress.”

Paster then said that she knew the dress would be talked about and is fine with that as it was the ‘one that spoke’ to Blunt.

The embellished underwear feature on the gown has also been renamed by the design house as “The Emily” in Blunt’s honour, “the little underwear.”

Despite the floating shoulder being a relatively new focal point of clothing, Blunt was joined by her Oppenheimer co-star, Florence Pugh, in the fashion-forward look.

Pugh donned a silver Del Core gown with floating shoulders on the Oscars red carpet.

“I thought [Blunt] was gonna be the first one to wear it … and then I saw that the beautiful Florence Pugh also had a very similar shoulder,” Paster added.

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This led fans to believe it was coordinated, which the stylist confirms it wasn’t.

“People are reading into it too much. I’m sorry. I picked a beautiful dress because it’s a beautiful dress.

“Trust me, there’s nothing about this dress that says Oppenheimer. For me, this was a dress for a beautiful, gorgeous Oscar nominee, winner, and that’s why I love this dress.”