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21st Mar 2024

Conscious fashion: How to do more with less in your wardrobe

Sophie Collins


Conscious fashion is becoming more and more important as we continue to make efforts toward lowering our environmental impact

Conscious fashion is more than just a trending phrase; it represents a crucial change in a shopper’s perspective.

Surprisingly, fashion ranks as the world’s second-largest polluter, trailing only behind the oil industry. This highlights the significant footprint we garner with our clothing choices. 

In the age of social media and oversharing, there is an immense pressure to constantly flaunt new outfits, which has led to a booming culture of excessive consumption.

We wear an outfit once and then forget about it – particularly with occasion wear.

However, change is within reach, and it begins with consumers recognising the power they have. By simply making mindful decisions with our buying habits and prioritising sustainability over fleeting trends, we can make such a difference.

This is according to Pat Kane, a sustainability advocate and founder of reuzi

Here are practical strategies to maximise your wardrobe while minimising its environmental impact: 

1. Shop with Purpose

Resist unnecessary shopping sprees and instead, focus on extending the lifespan of your clothing.

Embrace your creativity and reinvent or reuse some of your pieces that you already own.

 2. Quality Over Quantity

Invest in durable and well crafted pieces to ensure they can withstand the test of time.

Ethical fashion does come with a higher price tag, but this reflects the true value of an item and how much wear you are bound to get out of it. It also represents the true value of sustainability and fair labour practices. 

3. Define Your Style

Stay true to your personal style and avoid the temptation to chase every passing trend. 

By doing this, you can curate a wardrobe that resonates with your individual style. 

 4. Create a Signature Look

Simplify your outfits by identifying a go-to formula that suits your lifestyle and personality. 

Having a signature style streamlines decision-making and ensures a consistently polished appearance. 

 5. Build a Versatile Foundation

Stock up on timeless basics in neutral tones and classic silhouettes, so you have endless mix-and-match options. 

Versatile staples serve as the building blocks for a functional and sustainable wardrobe. 

 6. Accessorise Intentionally

Elevate your outfits with accessories like scarves, jewellery, and belts. 

Accessories bring new life into existing garments and outfits, offering versatility without the need for buying new clothing.

So, by embracing the art of maximising utility while minimising excess, we can not only save money and reduce clutter but also contribute to a more sustainable future.