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04th Mar 2024

Septum rings are the latest red carpet trend but is the piercing painful?

Anna Martin

Septum rings are having a real moment right now

We’ve seen Florence Pugh rock one on many a red carpet at this stage but other big names known to sport the jewellery are Rihanna and FKA Twigs.

Yet it’s not just big celeb names who have been showing an increased interest in the nose piercing as there are on average 300,000 monthly searches globally and 5 million Instagram hashtags posted.

Now while many of our favourite celebs opt for fake septum rings, if you’re looking for something more permanent, here’s our complete guide to all things septum rings.

What is a septum piercing?

septum rings florence pugh
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A septum piercing is a piercing that goes through your nasal septum, otherwise known as that bit of cartilage that separates your two nostrils.

The needle goes through the thin section of flesh towards the front of the nose, and then the jewellery is put in place – normally a ring, a horseshoe or, sometimes it may be a bar.

Does it hurt to get done?

septum rings
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To be honest all piercings hurt, it’s a needle being pushed through your skin after all, and it’s not going to be comfortable.

Speaking from experience, the septum is a stingy one to get done, for me it felt like a strong pinch, my eyes watered up and I felt like I might sneeze but couldn’t but I can vouch that the pain is only temporary.

Yet of course everyone has their own pain tolerance, so it’s worth bearing yours in mind before you decide to just go for it.

How do they do it?

septum rings
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Of course, every piercer will have their own preferred method but there are some usual procedures you should expect to take place.

Usually, your piercer will clean the area intended to be pierced before using a small clamp to hold the septum.

They will then pass a cannula (a hollow needle attached to a tube) through your nose, before putting the jewellery through the new hole.

After the jewellery is secured the piercing is complete.

Most piercers will use a circular barbell or the ‘horseshoe’ or maybe even a fixed bead ring as these are regarded as best for your initial healing period.

What’s the aftercare like?

septum rings
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The healing process is going to take between two to three months.

Right after it is pierced there might be a few days of swelling, where it will feel uncomfortable. After a few days, this piercing shouldn’t hurt unless accidentally moved or bumped.

The most important thing to do is to resist the urge to touch it.

As with any piercing, it is important to create a cleaning regime that you will complete every day, multiple times a day throughout the healing period.

For around three months you will want to use a saline soak to clean the septum piercing.

This should be done twice a day, once a day at the absolute minimum.