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05th Jun 2024

Celebrity astrologer’s guide to navigating the New Moon in Gemini

Niamh Ryan

June 6th marks the New Moon in Gemini, a time of ‘complete endings and new beginnings.’

Celebrity astrologer and psychic Inbaal Honigman has revealed the impacts this New Moon will have, as well as the star signs that will be most affected by it.

“Expect this June New Moon to boost your social circle and secure invitations to parties and weddings.”

“Nothing is too much during the Gemini New Moon because Gemini is a sign that is two-in-one, you’ll have the energy of two people.”

What does the New Moon symbolise?

According to Honigman, the New Moon is the start of a fresh cycle and a new phase in life.

“At the time of the New Moon, the sun and the moon are in the same sign.”

“This means that when the moon is brand new, and the sun and the moon are both in Gemini this June, life and love feels aligned, everything runs along the same lines – love life fits well around work, your fitness schedule doesn’t clash with your evenings out,” she says.

Who will be most affected?

According to Honigman, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, and Sagittarius will be the signs most affected by the New Moon in Gemini.

Gemini will “feel completely at ease” during this time, as people around them will be acting in a Gemini manner.

As Cancer is ruled by the moon, Cancers will always be more impacted by new moons and full moons. Honigman says Cancers should use this time to host house parties and gatherings.

Leo will also be affected, as Leo is ruled by the sun, which is in Gemini this season. “Leos enjoy sticking their neck out, but during this New Moon, everyone else is being fearless, too, so Leo feels more seen and accepted.”

Sagittarius is the opposite of Gemini in astrology, meaning this sign will take a different approach to the New Moon. “This New Moon might call on you to start a community project, plan a city garden for the local kids to enjoy – your Sagittarian adventurousness and love of the outdoors leading the way.”

How will the New Moon affect daily life?

The New Moon may have you feeling pulled in two different directions, according to Honigman. She encourages people to embrace this pull and be open to multitasking.

The New Moon is also known as the Dark Moon, with the least light available at night.

Honigman advises people to notice what they’re dreaming about, as they “may receive messages of new beginnings.”