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19th Jun 2024

Ariana Grande addresses why she conceals her real voice

Niamh Ryan

Ariana Grande is known for her frequent changes in appearance, as well as the way her voice changes

While doing press for the new Wicked movie, Ariana Grande has faced a lot of questioning about her apparent voice change.

Her character Glinda is known for having a shrill and high voice, so it’s possible that she stays in character out of habit.

However, many fans were quick to point out the inconsistencies of her voice in a new interview.

The star appeared on Podcrushed on Tuesday, June 17th, a podcast hosted by Gossip Girl star Penn Badgley.

On it, Grande discussed her recent album Eternal Sunshine, which she released in March.

She spoke in a low register about living in the recording studio for ten days straight while making the album.

However, she then changed the subject and began speaking in noticeably higher pitch.

Fans wasted no time in calling her out on it. Many people have started to wonder what her real voice sounds like and why she insists on hiding it.

However, the singer quickly cleared up the speculation, commenting:

“Habit (speaking like this for two years) and also vocal health. I intentionally change my vocal placement (high / low) often depending on how much singing I’m doing. I’ve always done this BYE.”

While people online weren’t necessarily posting conspiracy theories, it is interesting to see how often she’s changed her look and persona over the past decade.

Will she go back to her natural voice after Wicked is released?