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13th Jun 2024

‘I made a huge profit by selling my Taylor Swift tickets, but now I regret it’

Niamh Ryan

A woman wrote to Mumsnet to admit how guilty she felt for selling her tickets to the Eras Tour

The fan originally had tickets to the Taylor Swift Liverpool show in Anfield Stadium, but sold them as she wouldn’t be able to make the concert.

The tickets came from the waiting list from the original sale last year.

“I don’t even remember registering for these tickets but I must have registered for everywhere! I only had 90 seconds to decide so I just bought two tickets,” she said.

She soon realised it wasn’t going to work out as her friend that would’ve gone with her was on holidays.

“I decided if I resold the tickets for above face value, I could put that money towards buying a ticket for closer to home in August.

“They sold in literally three minutes, as they were the cheapest listed on the resale site by quite a lot.”

However, the woman said she immediately felt bad for reselling the tickets for profit, and that it went against her ‘principles.’

She asked people online if she should message the person she sold the tickets to explain the situation.

“Personally I think I’d feel better knowing I hadn’t bought from a tout making a living out of ripping people off, but would they think I’m completely weird?” she asked.

However, most users assured her that the damage was done, and there was no point emailing an apology.

“This is a supply and demand thing so no need to feel bad IMO. No need to comment/apologise on why it’s more, one woman commented.

One user was more brutal in their advice:

“The last thing I want from a tout who has ripped me off is for them to try and justify them ripping me off and getting me to tell them they’re actually a brilliant person for ripping me off and so different to the other touts ripping people off.”

Resale is now available for the Dublin dates of the Eras Tour at the end of June.

Ticketmaster has reminded people to be vigilant on unofficial resale websites, as there could be potential scams.