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19th Jun 2024

This is what your favourite Taylor Swift era says about you

Niamh Ryan

If you’re a Taylor Swift fan, then you know how each of her albums corresponds to a specific era of her life

The Taylor Swift eras all have their own personality, from the clothes and makeup she wears, down to her sense of self.

This is what your favourite Taylor Swift era says about you.

Taylor Swift (Debut)

If her debut album is your favourite, you probably grew up with Taylor or had an older sister that did too.

You romanticise the early 2000s and you’ve probably watched every teen drama from that time period.

Summer is your favourite season and you love to be outside surrounded by nature.

If you’re going to the Eras Tour, you’re absolutely going to wear a white sundress and cowboy boots.


You’re a hopeless romantic and spend most of your time daydreaming.

If this album is your favourite, you love love and have high standards for a partner.

Whenever you go to a new city, you love admiring the sights and exploring the museums.

You definitely stalk people you went to school with on Instagram.

Speak Now

If you resonate with Speak Now, you have a lot of female rage. You’re a very independent person and you’ve learned to not put your trust in people straight away.

Journalling is your favourite hobby and if you had the money you would dress exclusively in vintage.

You’re not a fan of the modern dating scene and wish you could experience a real meet-cute, just once.

You went through a Twilight and/or Hunger Games phase.


If Red is your favourite, you knew about that restaurant/band/movie before it was a trend.

You always have a beverage in hand – coffee, juice, Diet Coke. A daily sweet treat is incredibly important to you, and your ideal first date is going for coffee.

Relationships never seem to go the way you plan and you’re still a little bit hung up on your ex.

Nobody knows that you like to write poetry, but you do.


1989 made you develop a strange fascination with New York, whether you’ve visited or not.

Your friends go to you for relationship advice all the time, and also rely on you to bring the digital camera to every party.

Brunch is your favourite meal of the day and you always take pictures of your latte art.

You always manage to rope people into doing shots with you on a night out.


The only way you know how to flirt is by making fun of them, and it works.

People think you have no feelings but it’s only because you’re private about your life. Social media isn’t your thing, but you probably use a spam account which only has your closest friends on it.

You know that Doc Martens and leather jackets can go with just about anything.

Every year you say you’re going to throw a New Year’s Eve party, but you never do.


You’re randomly really good at flower arranging and you love to cook. Your drink of choice is wine, no matter what kind.

Writing letters and little notes to your significant other is your love language.

You’re trying to get better at putting yourself first and sticking up for yourself when you know you’re in the right.

Ambient lighting is very important to you and you light a lot of candles.


You don’t understand extroverted people, and frankly, you don’t want to.

School was very important to you and you likely had a good relationship with your English teacher.

You like being on public transport because it means you can listen to music and stare out the window for a long time.

Part of you wishes you didn’t need a real job and you could just live in the mountains and bake bread all day.


Your heart breaks when you see older people eating alone.

Christmas is your favourite time of year and you’ve watched Greta Gerwig’s Little Women more times than you can count.

You like coffee but prefer tea, and you own a lot of plaid.

People never get your Gilmore Girls references.


You love late night bars and getting dressed up, and you’re the only one in the friend group who actually likes the taste of whiskey.

Communicating isn’t easy so you tend to bottle your feelings up, but you’re working on it.

You keep forgetting to take your makeup off before going to bed, and you fall asleep rethinking all of your life decisions.

The Tortured Poets Department

You’ve never gotten over anything, ever.

As a child, people said that you had an old soul and you weren’t sure what that meant. You love black and white films and read a lot of fantasy novels.

People don’t tend to approve of your romantic pursuits but it doesn’t really bother you.

When you have crush on someone you post songs you think they’d like on your story.