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14th Jun 2024

Airlines following stricter rules after increase in viral packing ‘tricks’

Niamh Ryan

Packing for a trip is generally a stressful time, especially if you’re having to squeeze all your essentials into your hand luggage.

We’ve all looked for packing hacks on social media for the most efficient way to pack our bags, but that may have started causing some difficulties for airlines.

Unfortunately for us passengers, it’s only a matter of time before a video goes viral and everyone starts to catch on to the hacks.

This was the case recently for the ‘pillow hack’, where people were taking the stuffing out of neck pillows and replacing it with clothes and anything extra they could fit.

It appears that airlines in America have started to crack down on this behaviour.

Southwest airlines now count pillows, blankets, and bumbags as personal items, which you can’t bring on board if you also have another carry-on.

European airlines have yet to take it this far, and most of them still allow a ‘personal bag’ that can fit under an airplane seat.

So, if you have any tricks for maximising your packing, we’d suggest keeping it to yourself!