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19th Apr 2024

‘Summer is nearing and so is the pressure to lose weight’

Kat O'Connor

The ‘summer body ready’ trend can get in the bin

We are all more than ready for the summer to be here after what felt like the longest winter and most miserable spring we’ve experienced in Ireland. I’m tired of looking at my winter coat and the never-ending rain. I need a day or two of sunshine, even mediocre weather, and to swap my scarves for my sunglasses.

I am an autumn girl at heart, but the summer months are good for the soul. The longer days, brighter evenings, and busy calendars make it one of the most memorable times of the year. However, there is one thing I cannot stand about the summer and it’s the pressure to look a ‘certain’ way. 

As soon as the weather improves and the sun comes out, I feel this immense pressure to lose weight. Is it societal pressures getting the better of me? Probably, but it feels near impossible to shift even at 29 years old.

“The aim for this summer isn’t to look ‘flawless’ but to feel good”

A recent TikTok video from Louise May Mosley helped me feel less alone in this struggle. It’s heartbreaking to know I’m not the only midsize girl who feels this way once summer starts creeping up, but it’s somewhat reassuring to know that I’m not alone in my struggle.


TW body image. it’s got nothing to do with having a “summer body” and everything to do with being reminded that i’m not comfortable in my body. I understand that for some people the struggle is much, much harder.

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In her video, Louise opened up about the pressure to look different in the summer and how difficult it is to be body confident when the weather warms up. I’m trying my best to be kind to my body, but it’s nearly impossible in summer. I feel like I should be skinnier than I am if I want to dress for the summer months.

I know those closest to me won’t care if I’m a size 14 or 8 but growing up in an era where women were slammed in tabloid media has a lasting impact on a girl. 

Speaking about the pressure to have a ‘summer body’, Alex Light told Metro:

“There should never be an ideal body in the first place – the body each individual has should be their ideal body. The concept of the “ideal body” means women are preoccupied with chasing an unrealistic standard and it’s entirely unfair.”

Bodies are so much more than what they look like. They’re the reason we function and breathe and see and speak so why does it matter what they look like in a pair of denim shorts?

The aim for this summer isn’t to look ‘flawless’ but to feel good and to love our bodies, no matter what size our swimsuits are.